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Rotterdam Food Tours

Have a Bite to Eat on a Food Tour of Rotterdam

Tasty Cuisine with Unique Perspectives

Variety is the spice of life, and with over 170 nationalities represented in Rotterdam, the city is full of tasty cuisine with unique perspectives and original recipes. At the site where the city was first founded in 1270, you’ll find a welcome addition to this century. De Markthal is home to nearly 100 food stalls with everything from fresh fish to local cuisine in an enclosed building. The Netherland’s past colonial relationship to Suriname and Indonesia also resulted in a fusion of these two country’s recipes making a unique Surinamese cuisine experience. With so much history and fare to explore, a Rotterdam food tour is a great way to take your taste buds on an adventure!

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Taste the Unique Flavors of Rotterdam on a Food Tour

When you think of Dutch cuisine, it can be hard to imagine the variety of foods available outside of fish and cheese. While both play an important role in the port city’s diet, nowadays the population’s diversity and market culture bring a lot more to the table. On a Hike & Bike food tour, you’ll be guided to the city’s must-try spots with something for everyone. Get a taste of the local kapsalon, a dish created in Rotterdam in 2003 consisting of fries loaded with fresh meats, spices, and cheese. You can also opt for other farm-to-table favorites or take a bite of freshly-caught herring and cod.

Book your spot on a Rotterdam food tour for a taste of what the legendary city has to offer!

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