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Amsterdam Canal Cruises

Cruise the Canals on an Amsterdam Boat Tour

We cruise rain or shine! Covered boats are available to protect you from the Dutch weather.

The Perfect Way to Spend the Day

There’s nothing like cruising through the city of over 100 canals. While you’re floating with friends or meeting with fellow travelers, you’ll learn all about Amsterdam’s unique history, art, architecture, and more. You might catch the remains of the city’s old walls from the Middle Ages or admire the charm of the over 2,500 houseboats in the city. An Amsterdam boat tour or canal cruise is the perfect way to spend the day. Join the millions of people who’ve enjoyed the Amsterdam waterways since the 17th century.

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Amsterdam Cruising Together

Cheers to the “heroic, determined and merciful” city of Amsterdam. The city is actually a collection of 90 islands thanks to the incredible canals that make it the most watery city of the world. Enjoy the tranquility these currents bring to the city with an Amsterdam canal cruise. Private cruises provide the option for a custom experience for your party, including a full prosecco bar. You can also bond with fellow travelers on a public cruise where an electric boat will guide you through the waterways providing you with all the local insights on the city’s artists, houseboats, history, and more. These Amsterdam cruises will make you feel that much closer to the culture of the Netherland’s sinking city. Discover some of the city’s oldest and most famous canals such as the Prinsengracht and Keizersgracht. All while snapping photos of memories that will last a lifetime.

Find the perfect Amsterdam boat tour for you and your party and then reserve your spot online!

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