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Amsterdam Windmill Tours

Explore the Countryside on a Windmill Tour

A Symbol of Dutch Culture

The first Dutch windmill was built in 1221 and since then, this machine is often seen as a symbol of Dutch culture. When the Netherlands were underwater, windmills were used to pump water out and restore the land. They were also historically used to grind grain and saw wood. Nowadays, wind turbines can be found across the country to generate electricity. But for those visitors looking to go back in time to the days of the mechanical windmill’s prime, a visit to Zaanse Schans for an Amsterdam Windmill tour is a good start. The neighborhood serves as a preservation spot for old wooden houses and windmills which were relocated from their original homes outside of Amsterdam.

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Get Swept Away with an Amsterdam Windmill Tour

The best way to learn about history is to experience it for yourself. During the Countryside and Windmills Tour, you’ll get to take a peek inside an antique windmill, sample some countryside cheese and baked goods, and check out the lovely fishing villages of Volendam and Marken. Or, if you’re wanting to fit in the best of the city sights along with the rural appeal of the countryside, the Amsterdam City Tour and Windmills tour may be right for you. You’ll get a chance to see the city’s vast canal system, famous art museums, and more before heading out to Zaanse Shans. With over 700 years of history, Amsterdam has so much to offer visitors interested in learning about the old country as well as its modern innovations.

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