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Architecture Tours in Amsterdam

Witness the History of 17th Century Architecture

Architects, Artists, and Designers

A city resurrected from the water, Amsterdam has always been full of innovators with buildings and engineering feats studied around the world. The centuries-old architecture of Amsterdam has been well-preserved to showcase its history of architects, artists, and designers who have helped shape the city throughout the years. The tax laws of the 16th century also helped inform the architecture by charging taxes based on the house’s facade width. This incentivized the building of narrow houses which are still noteworthy today. They can also be seen along the Canal Ring built for wealthy merchants in the 17th century.

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Float through the Canal Ring on an Amsterdam Architecture Tour

The historic Canal Ring has been named to the UNESCO’s World Heritage list for its over 400 years of history in Amsterdam. The ring was built during the Dutch Golden Age and consists of the famous Prinsengracht, Keizersgracht, Herengracht, and Singel canals. While walking alongside these beautiful canals is pleasant enough, an Amsterdam Canal Ring Architecture tour will give you a deeper appreciation of just how big of a role the Canal Ring plays in the city. Now the site of festivals and floating concerts, the canals were once used to transport goods for maritime trading. The narrow houses along the canals also boast lovely gables in a style unique to the city. The shape of the Canal Ring was also intentionally designed to ward off invaders and protect the city’s medieval city center.

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